Pedals, Pipes and Pizza 2017

Published on 02/18/17

On Saturday, January 14, KAMTA teachers, their students and several parents took part in a workshop, at First Presbyterian Church, Kalispell, learning about the organ, led by Lee Scifers, organist at First Presbyterian and former KAMTA member. There were about 25 in attendance.

We first learned about sound, how sound is produced, how an instrument makes sound, and then compared the piano and the organ. Mr. Scifers showed us a pipe from the organ and discussed how the different sizes of the pipes help make high and low, loud and soft sounds for the organ.

Students and teachers were able to play a piece they had previously practiced on the piano, on the organ, noting the difference in touch and the color of the keys. The organ has black and white keys, but they are the opposite of the piano! The organ also has foot pedals that are set up like a keyboard, but played with your feet.

After the workshop, attendees enjoyed pizza and fellowship among other students. It was a very educational and fun workshop and we should do it again!